• Robyn Walters

Time is Precious

Manufacturing has seen a year on year growth of around 1.4% in the UK since, 1948 according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), this is despite an obvious decline in the 1970’s where we, as a nation, contributed 25% of the UK’s GDP. However, we are today still the 9th largest manufacturing country in the world. According to Make UK (Formerly EEF ) the manufacturing industry employs over 2.5 million people with the average earning being around £32,500. Of course these statistics were produced before the onset of the covid19 pandemic.

The world is changing, now more than ever. As a new normal will arise and rules of social distancing and covid19 safety procedures, will inevitably come in to place, not only in our daily personal lives but in the workplace. How will your business cope?

Do you have a strategy?

We understand that it will be time consuming, as well as challenging, and that new roles will be created, along with new routines and flexible working patterns to allow ALL to return work. As before, staff will come and go, and the need for seeking out that perfect candidate will be as important as ever.

The unemployment rate has been predicted to rise, as many companies will make staffing cuts or be forced into closure, therefore pushing the number of applications per job advertisement up considerably. It is always important to obtain the right candidate for your vacancy. We, as a manufacturing recruitment specialist, work hand in hand with each individual client, to ensure that every candidate that is placed in front of you, will have been pre-qualified for experience, qualifications and suitability for the role you are wishing to fulfill.

We appreciate that your time is becoming more valuable daily, as new challenges arise.

We like to meet all our new clients, however, like many industries, we are adapting and turning to technology to keep us connected. Zoom is a great video communication platform, which we are utilizing for face to face contact with you, so we can get a better idea of who you and your company are, and what type person could fill your vacancy. RWR also uses video communication for our candidates, this enables us to select the perfect talent not just through their CV but personality also.

We are your time management solution heroes, when it comes to getting your perfect candidate. We love to help. It’s our passion.

Now you can’t manufacture that!