• Robyn Walters

The impact of Covid-19 on your recruitment

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

COVID-19 has impacted businesses in multiple ways and how your business responds to these unpredictable and challenging times will define your current staffing levels, customers and future hiring methods. You may be in a fortunate position where you have seen an increase in recruitment due to the current circumstance or you may be a business that has been forced to place all recruitment growth plans on hold for 2020 regardless of which situation your business finds itself in, all businesses will find that recruitment moving forward, needs to be modified to adapt to the COVID-19 market.

Lets take a look at few different scenarios business may face at present:

You’re recruitment is on Hold! Due to COVID-19 you are unable to progress with applications or pending offers due to office closures or cash-flow due to decrease in your service/product demand.

Your hiring has increase! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak you are facing a recruitment drive as you are seen as a key worker in this current market such as food manufacturer, 111 line support or healthcare sector. You must act quickly in a safe manner to meet demands.

Your hiring as per usual! For some businesses you will continue to sustain operation and recruit to meet your ongoing business demands as usual. Although due to the remote working you will need to adapt quickly to interview and manage new staff via remote methods.

All of the above scenarios require companies to modify their recruitment to fit with the rapidly changing environment the world is facing. What we can confirm is that there has been a demonstrable impact on the hiring process due to the coronavirus for the majority of companies worldwide.

Here are some tips on recruitment/hiring throughout this period below:

1. One of the most prominent changes companies have made to the interview process involves telecommunication. To prevent any possible spread of the virus, companies are shifting in-person interviews to video calls which has had a real positive outcome with many hires being conducted this way. With many employees working remote at present it is also enabling companies more access to talent pooles than before and saving on time when interviewing and scheduling.

2. Some companies are halting hiring staff completely. While halting hiring is understandable, the issue is we don’t know how long the coronavirus crisis will last. Stopping hiring completely for an extended period of time could have negative effects on business, and employees are concerned about that very outcome which is worth being mindful of.

3. “Soft Offers” – Delay your Hiring. Another route businesses are taking with hiring is to delay the recruitment process. Rather than stopping hiring altogether, some companies are continuing the interview process via video, but waiting to bring the actual hire into the office once the lock down is released. From a hiring perspective this is a good option for companies as it enables them to take more time in recruiting the right individuals, access a strong talent poole, save on costs until hire is able to start and enables the potential hire to work their notice periods in this period before work resumes.

Right now, people are going to be fairly understanding. They know that the outbreak is going to be disruptive, so it’s just important that employers are ahead of the curve and making sure that they’re talking with both employees and candidates, being open and transparent throughout the period of uncertainty we are in as a nation.