• Robyn Walters

The Art of the Tango

The art of the Tango

Like most things the art of communication is a skill, and like The Tango, an action to a reaction. A series of moves that tells a story, a beginning, a middle and end. The ability to perform to a crowd however small, and always to glow and be at your best, always, is a challenge. Are we still talking about an Argentinian dance, or the particular skills of an excellent contact centre worker?

Well, the answer is both!

A skilled contact centre worker can be calm and resourceful when a call or message demands resolution over a matter that is sensitive, perhaps even upsetting to a valued customer, or maybe just a need for a pathway for direction.

The contact centre industry has changed a huge amount since March 2020, with demand increasing, and as with many organisations now, transitioning to working from home.

The contact centre worker has a varied role, whether they are taking calls or questions over illness, or support and direction with money matters, there is no doubt that the general public is picking up the phone , emailing, or directly messaging more and more businesses for help, assistance or guidance.

RWR has placed a large number of highly skilled communication specialists during this Covid19 pandemic, some of whom were needed for a sensitive yet important role. The demand is ever increasing as our world around us changes, yet times are unprecedented and no one really knows how the country will move forward. However, for now, what we do know for certain is that people have questions that will always need to be answered.

We have a large number of highly skilled communicators, and contact centre workers, already pre-qualified and checked, from entry level to more senior/director positions, therefore allowing any client wishing to fill a one off position, or a large number of employees, the assurance that they are getting the very best of candidates, with the relevant skills. Bypassing the usual time it takes to create a posting, advertise in prominent places, and sift through the hundreds of applications, we do the dancing for you.

We are your cost effective solution to your recruitment requirements, however large or small. We would love to see how we can lessen your ever growing load, why not grab a cuppa and give us a call.

No obligation, just the art of communication!