Recruiting in COVID - Easy Peasy!

Hands up if you have been the recruiter who has been inundated with applications from candidates who are desperate for work? Hands up if you have been the recruiter being pushed to achieve your business development targets in such an uncertain time? Hands up if you think the title of my blog is a big fat lie and there is nothing easy about recruiting during this time or even at any other time? 

We if these all relate to you then read on! 

Here at RWR we certainly been busy, it has been none stop. Candidate after candidate, client after client - where to start and stop some days has been confusing in itself. 

I here you all saying “Robyn, stop bragging about how much work you have had” but am I really bragging? I mean, who has sat at there desk swamped with endless applications, getting lost in the pit of CV’s? We certainly have been. 

At RWR we are fortunate enough to have strong team that is built from the foundations of our clients and their values. But while the world continues to battle on throughout COVID lets spare a thought, not for those that have lost their jobs, but for us fighting to help them find a new job. Endless CV sifting, countless phone calls and far to many Zoom calls to count, we will battle on. 

That is why we are now recruiting in our growing business and it is all down to demand. 

Yes it is fiercely competitive out there in the world of recruitment, not just for candidates but for recruiters. Fighting to get the vacancies is hard work - but we will not fight anyone. We will not trample over other recruiters who maybe feeling down on their luck or even battling on to work from home. We will support them and pick them up, brush them down and wish them well. Why you ask? Because we encourage our business development that is sustainable and achievable, most of the time our vacancies come from word of mouth and recommendations.

In our business we are in search of another key member who will be our 360 Manufacturing Recruitment Consultant. Based from home - we trust you to work wherever you like and support you to achieve the goals our business needs to continue to thrive. Yes, ok, you may have endless CV’s to sift with us, but we will be in it together. You may at times feel alone working from home, but you will be far from it. We will be with you every step of the way. 

Recruitment is not easy peasy I am sorry to say, but working in a team that values you, trusts you and supports your wellbeing makes it easier. 

So next time you take a call from a recruiter you haven’t worked with before (clients, I am specifically talking to you now) please remember we are also trying to survive in this world and we are humans, many of us with candidates who are in desperate need of help and support.