5 Steps to a successful CV

1. Keep it short!

· You don’t want to overload the page with the unnecessary details of your current and previous positions. Keep it simple.

· Add no more than 10 bullet points per job role of your most relevant duties would be ideal.

· And yes BULLET POINTS. Don’t do lengthy paragraphs. You don’t want to go over 2 pages ideally.

2. Don’t include all your personal info

Cut down your Name, Address, Home phone number, Mobile number and email address to



Contact Number

Email address

You don’t need to put all your details on there and also keeps your pages down

3. Font

Keep it professional looking. No Comic Sans font because you like it!. A standard Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman will do the trick and keep the font size down – size 11 looks great.

4. Key info

If you have been told before not to put dates of employment on your CV – ignore it! You need it! It shows job longevity, times of employment etc. So when putting each job role down follow the below format

Job Title

Dates of employment (Month / Year – Month / Year)


You don’t need the address of the company, references etc – employers will ask for that if they need it.

5. Clear Layout

Put your CV into clear sections