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Faster Talent

Whilst our competitors are trawling the internet for CV’s and searching people they have on their books, we concentrate on making it easy for candidates to find us and come through our rigorous clearing process. So if Studio Manager Gemma determines that she wants a new opportunity, you can see her on the very same day. One of our best attributes is our ability to headhunt, clearing candidates quickly via our unique algorithm and app.

A new way of working

As recent events have made us all look at how we do things, working from home has become the norm for many businesses this year. RWR MD Robyn Walters decided that instead of going back to their Newport office, she would equip the team with all the tools they need to be successful in their home environment.  Not only saving costs for her business, she also makes her staff happier by giving them back precious time with their families. This practice also enables her team to support their clients and candidates into making this change for themselves.

A better result

All recruitment agencies are driven by results, but are they the results you are looking to achieve? At RWR Recruitment, we don’t just focus on getting you the right people at the right time, we want them to add value to your company. That’s why our unique algorithm takes your culture, goals, and business model into account, then matches them to our diverse talent pools value set. We believe that one of the worst things that can happen is that you get someone who is fantastic but doesn’t fit well within your organization. This causes misery for both the company and the candidate and it can be costly for your business. Here at RWR, our goal is a 100 percent retention results.

Creative Agency
Creative Agency
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How do we know that our ways work? 


from our results of course!


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